Every boat, a community

We want to turn every boat into a community, and make boating accessible to all.

Let's make sure no one ever stays on land for lack of a crew or a lack of a boat.

Coming, Summer 2022

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Build a community for your boat

Create a community around your own boat. Invite your friends or allow like-minded people to apply and join your crew

Join boat communities and meet other people

Either you have your own boat or not, join boat communities and enjoy the magic of being on the water with like-minded sailors.

Get volunteers to help maintain your boat

Owning a boat is a lot of work. Ask for volunteers from your community to do boat maintenance, and for materials and tools.

Schedule sailing trips, events and passages

Organize sailing events, manage crew skills for each trip, and ensure you always have enough crew for your sailing trips.

Sailing made available to all

We believe that sailing and being on the water should be available to all.

We met enough boat owners without crew, and enough crew members without a boat. That's what drove us to build this platform

Every boat,
a community of friends

Coming, Summer 2022

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